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Easter Egg Spinning Top

Easter Egg Spinning Top

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Easter is here, the cold frosts are over, we celebrate the spirit as plants pop and buds form. This festival of egg hunts and painting, feasting with friends and family, gold and silver wrappers and happily looking forward to the coming summer is a special time for many of us. 
Let the kids have their chocolate, the adults get metal, a more permanent way to mark the occasion and better for your waistline too. 
Our Easter eggs spinning tops are precision turned from billets of quality brass or stainless steel, utilizing a live 2mm (1/16”)  ball nosed milling cutter we gently chomp away a delicate pattern of dots and crosses.
The finish is available in two options, either a clean polish or beautiful brushed stripes. 
As always, your choice of contact points; ceramic, tungsten carbide or ruby.
Spun using a two hand technique, the Easter egg will spin for over 5 minutes. 
Time limited batch
Numbered authenticity card.
Free worldwide shipping included.
£50 // approx $65 USD
Dimensions: 28mm diameter x 36.5mm tall. 

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