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MPE Engraved Special Mk1 SS22

MPE Engraved Special Mk1 SS22

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Contact Point

Batch limited to 70 pieces. 

The MPE SS22 is the second design from our collaboration with Mark Phelps, expert hand engraver from Birmingham, England.

After Mark works his engraving magic, we use a darkening solution to make the engraving details really pop. The chemicals are nasty, but amazing how they work creating a supercharged patina that develops within a few minutes. 

After the patina is set, we finish down the surface to bring the rest of the top back to a perfect finish.

Each top is then assembled, given a final finish, steam cleaned and inspected before being packed with a custom designed and numbered Card of Authentication. 

  • Brass or copper body and grip available,
  • Your choice of ruby, tungsten carbide or ceramic contact point.
  • Machine finished or soft polish finishing options.
  • Each top has its own number engraved on the bottom.
  • Custom designed Card of Authentication

    Please note:
    Ship now option. 30 Available
    These tops are ready to ship within three working days. 

    Pre-order option. 50 Available
    This is a pre-order with a waiting time.
    Orders will ship within two to six weeks of purchase, orders will be shipped chronologically.


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