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Polished Petrol Flat Top V1

Polished Petrol Flat Top V1

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Polished Petrol Flat Top V1

Please note the petrol coating is unique to each and every component, it is almost impossible to get an identical coating, meaning each Petrol will be unique to you and will differ to the image shown above. 


What is PVD Coating?

PVD is a coating commonly used on watches, firearms and machine tooling. PVD, also known as DLC, is a super hard titanium coating. Different colours are achieved by coating the original material at different temperatures. Although the coating is very thin, usually only a few microns, due to the strength of the coating it can last for many years and can also reduce scratches and damage to a highly polished surface, meaning the polish will stay looking sharp for years to come.

The base material for all of our coated products is stainless steel.

  • 9mm thick body
  • Ceramic Hybrid 608 bearing
  • Polished and coated body and grips. 
  • Custom machined screwdriver included
  • Additional grub screws included
  • Serialised Card of Authenticity
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