Super Matte Petrol Mk1 Spinning Top
Super Matte Petrol Mk1 Spinning Top
Super Matte Petrol Mk1 Spinning Top
Super Matte Petrol Mk1 Spinning Top
Super Matte Petrol Mk1 Spinning Top

Super Matte Petrol Mk1 Spinning Top


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What is PVD Coating?

PVD is a coating commonly used on watches, firearms and machine tooling. PVD, also known as DLC, is a super hard titanium coating. Different colours are achieved by coating the original material at different temperatures. Although the coating in very thin, usually only a few microns, due to the strength of the coating it can last for many years and can also reduce scratches and damage to a highly polished surface, meaning the polish will stay looking sharp for years to come.

The Super Matte surface finish is achieved by blasting the component with ultra-fine glass beads, it is a surface finish usually found on very high-end watches, hence the technical term watch blast.
The base material for all of our coated products is stainless steel.

About the Mk1 spinning top:

For those who require a performance upgrade; if you're all about spin times this is the one for you. Improved grip on the spindle, plus an upgraded ceramic tip gives you amazing performance for a spinning top of this size.

Better grip, Faster spin.

Applying a knurled texture to the top of the spindle gives better grip, which in turn (pun intended) allows much more torque to be put into each spin, meaning more speed and longer times.

Whats faster than stainless steel? - Ceramic.

Because of the unique properties of silicon nitride, ceramic balls drastically reduce the main cause of surface wear in conventional bearings, meaning that ceramic bearings are super hard, they won't dent or lose their polish and because their surface finish is almost perfectly smooth they will spin longer and faster.

60% lighter than steel balls
Lower vibration levels
Reduced ball skidding
Longer life
Super hard surface

Each piece is precision machined on state of the art CNC lathes, producing perfectly balanced components. Once machined, each section is meticulously quality checked for weight and dimension. As well as making sure every millimetre is of the correct surface standard, they are then, and only then, hand finished and assembled in our workshop in Staffordshire, England.

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