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The Sunny Set

The Sunny Set

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This set includes:-

1x Brass Sunny Special
1x Stainless Sunny Special
1x Copper Sunny Special

If you love doing experiments and compare data this is the set for you.

The Sunny Special Mk1 is the fourth Mk1 Special from Vorso, building on the classic profile of the Mk1 Spinning top, Sunny offers a display of quality machining and thoughtful design. 

Created during a time of worldwide stress the Sunny Special Mk1 was my escape from the outside world. The process of making this top, helped me to deal with the craziness of the last few weeks and I hope it delivers the same restorative effect for you, a way to meditate and think, to offer a moment of wonder and concentration. 


Brass: 37.0g // 1.30 Oz
Stainless: 34.6g // 1.22 Oz
Copper: 39.0g // 1.38 Oz

Stands at 31mm // 1.22 Inch tall
Sits at 28mm // 1.1 Inch diameter

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