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Mk1 Originals Set

Mk1 Originals Set

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This set includes:-

1x Brass Mk1 spinning top
1x Stainless MK1 spinning top
1x Copper MK1 spinning top
1x Orbit spin station

Surprise someone with this sweet set of spinners and professional spin station. 


The Mk1 is a performance spinning top made for those with a playful mind, a penchant for engineering or a love of physics and science. Precision machined to spin for over twelve motionless minutes, the Mk1 is a top-quality top that will last forever and, according to our customers, the best spinning top in the world.

Spinning tops have been mesmerizing humanity for over 5,500 years, like watching a fire, they are incredibly satisfying- even addictive. Spinning tops have emerged in cultures all over the globe, from ancient Japanese fighting tops to African whip tops, but at Vorso we offer something very much made in modern times. Our spinning tops are created using computer-aided design and simulation, machined on modern CNC lathes, and manufactured in aerospace level materials.

With a simple launch the Mk1 is so good, so well made, that it will spin for 8, 10, even 15 minutes. Super easy to spin and designed with all ages and proficiencies in mind, featuring a diamond knurled grip to allow the user to impart as much torque as possible and a center of gravity that quickly allows the top to steady and stand perfectly upright with the softest of spins.


The Orbit Spin Station was inspired by astrophysics and nuclear science. With different focal lengths and diameters, the Orbit can accommodate both 100mm concave glass, as well as the well loved 75mm optical lens, both glass options are included as standard.  
Precision machined from aluminium, and hand finished in our workshop

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