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Tom Spinning Top - Stainless

Tom Spinning Top - Stainless

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About the Tom

The Tom is a masterpiece that blends function and artistry. It features a slim profile, tall neck, and a lowered center of gravity, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetics.

Inspired by conversations with Tom, his favorite elements from his collections, and iconic designs from cars like the Audi TT and British Land Rovers, we have created a unique and timeless piece.

  • 10+ minute spins
  • Stainless body with an aluminum spindle
  • Ruby contact point
  • Manufactured, assembled, and hand-finished in Staffordshire, England

After years of discussing the idea of creating a top, we finally came together in early 2022 to bring this collaboration piece to life. We are thrilled to offer it to you today.

Tom is a passionate collector who not only treasures spinning tops but also custom-made kaleidoscopes, marbles, and crafted novelties.
View his Instagram here.



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