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Vorso Mk1 Sunny Special - Stainless

Vorso Mk1 Sunny Special - Stainless

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Contact Point

The Sunny Special Mk1 is the fourth Mk1 Special from Vorso, building on the classic profile of the Mk1 Spinning top, Sunny offers a display of quality machining and thoughtful design. 
Created during a time of worldwide stress the Sunny Special Mk1 was my escape from the outside world. The process of making this top, helped me to deal with the craziness of the last few weeks and I hope it delivers the same restorative effect for you, a way to meditate and think, to offer a moment of wonder and concentration. 

In this video, you can see the Sunny in action, as well as a display of the different materials, the making of a sunny special and finally a timed spin of almost nine minutes! Don't worry, its sped up for your viewing pleasure. 

What are my choices?
Available in your choice of bright machine finish or our beautiful jewellery grade mirror polish. 
Choose from brass, copper and stainless steel. 
Your choice of contact points, silicon nitride, tungsten carbide or ruby. 

Spin Times
Spin time will all depend on your technique, see below. 

  • Virgin – 2-3 mins
  • Newbie – 4-7 mins
  • Solid gripper – 7-10 mins
  • Hard hitter OG – 10-14 mins

Check out the amazing stroboscopic effect of the Sunny Special in this video below. 

 What's the best choice for me? 

This mainly comes down to personal preference.

Machine Finished
Every line and detail, the machine finish is a beautiful rendering of the machining process, expertly brought to life with a subtle brightness from our final finishing process. Machine finish is for the purists, those who love the fine details of a perfectly machined piece of engineering. 
**for the engineering nerds**Technically a more precise surface as hand polishing a surface microscopically removes material, pushing and pulling the metal until it finishes close to perfectly smooth. Because of this fact, the machine finish is slightly more precise therefore slightly more balanced, slightly heavier, and theoretically could lead to slightly longer spin time, however, we have never proved an average difference in our tests. 

The mirror polish is for those who love both simplicity and glamour in design, although it offers no improvement in spin times, it brings a sense of beauty to the spin as it reflects the surrounding colour and light. Perfectly paired with a ruby contact point. By honing our process our polish is now to the level of, and possibly beyond, what is expected in the jewellery industry. 

Contact Point

Ceramic, super-strong silicon nitride, ceramic bearings are super hard around 7 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale they are almost impossible to dent. You will commonly find silicon nitride in rocket engines, bulletproof vests and performance vehicle brakes. 
Ruby, a luxurious touch with a performance upgrade, Is more technically round offering a near-perfect sphere along with a super hard surface. This allows less surface friction, giving ruby the edge for those looking to chase the highest spin times. The ruby bearing scores a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, just one down from diamond’s 10. Ruby, compared with ceramic’s 7, is significantly harder, improving the life span of your contact point. In addition to improving performance, this precious gemstone adds a final flourish to your top. Semi-transparent with a beautiful colour, frequently used in super-precision measuring tools, and the world's most expensive watches.

    Brass is the best middle of the two, not as heavy as copper but with a bit more heft than stainless. Gives long steady spins
    Stainless will stand up to more abuse, however it is the lightest of the three, although spin times can exceed 8 minutes. The polished option is like liquid metal when it spins motionlessly. 
    Copper is the heaviest of the three which leads to a slightly longer spin time, it quickly warms in your hand which feels and looks fantastic. 

    Patina: Simply put, stainless steel will look perfect forever. Brass and copper will develop a patina over time, as you handle them brass and copper tops will slowly change colour, you won't even notice it happening but in a few months the colour will be slightly different, however, the surface can be cleaned to bring it back to new. The grade of brass and copper we use does not create a smell on your skin like other cheaper grades of alloy.

    Weights and Dimensions
    The Sunny Special Mk1 weighs the following

    • Brass: 37.0g // 1.30 Oz
    • Stainless: 34.6g // 1.22 Oz
    • Copper: 39.0g // 1.38 Oz


    • Stands at 31mm // 1.22 Inch tall 
    • Sits at 28mm // 1.1 Inch diameter

    Vorso Guarantee  
    We stand by our products and live by our quality, and as such we offer a lifetime guarantee to repair or replace any of our products in the future, indefinitely. I’m proud to say that out of the thousands of Mk1s that have been made only a handful have ever needed repairs or replacement. Contact points are also included in our guarantee, which can easily be replaced at any time if required. Complimentary surface restoration and deep clean is also included at your request. 


  • Aluminium core
  • Brass, Copper, or Steel body and grip
  • Ceramic or ruby bearing
  • CNC-machined, assembled & finished by hand
  • Comes with a numbered card of authentication
  • Vorso Guarantee
  • Dimensions: 1.1 x 1.2 in (28 x 30 mm)
  • Contact point diameter: 0.2 in (4.7 mm)
  • Made in England
  • USA - up to 12 days
  • EU - up to 6 days
  • UK - up to 2 days
  • Asia Pacific - up to 12 days 
  • Rest of the world - up to 14 days

  • Are taxes included? 
    Yes, Value added taxes (VAT) are included in the price you see above. Please contact us if you require specific tax information.  


    How much is shipping and do you ship to my country?
    Free shipping is available on all orders. We ship to all countries in the world, and we have both free regular shipping and express shipping via UPS or Fedex at reasonable prices.

    How long will it take to arrive?
    Orders are normally shipped within one working day, however your location in the world will change the delivery time. 

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