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Oscar Spinning Top - Copper

Oscar Spinning Top - Copper

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In June 2023, Oscar, a young aspiring engineer, joined our team for a work experience program. We entrusted him with the task of designing, manufacturing, finishing, and packaging his very own Spinning Top. Oscar had complete creative freedom within the boundaries of our manufacturing capabilities.

We began by brainstorming and sketching designs on paper, exploring different ideas for Oscar's project. Next, we used computer software to translate some of those ideas into 3D models. Once we had the models ready, we focused on developing machining strategies and generating the necessary code. With everything prepared, we started machining Oscar's final design. The final day was dedicated to adding finishing touches, packaging the product, and capturing its visual appeal through photography and videography.

Now, we proudly present Oscar's first Spinning Top creation.

The design features a one-piece construction machined from a solid brass billet. Oscar incorporated several design elements, a tall, hollow stem with a high center of gravity, taking inspiration from the textures found on a pineapple.

The top offers good clearance at the contact point and a long stem, making it easy for anyone to spin. Standing at 40 mm in height and weighing approximately 63g, it can spin for around six minutes, though many users may achieve even better spin times.

The Oscar top is available in limited quantities. It is finished with a soft machined polish that creates an intriguing texture while revealing the machine finish underneath. Additionally, customers have the option to choose a ruby or ceramic contact point.

To support Oscar in his engineering aspirations, a portion of the profits from every Spinning Top sold will contribute to funding interesting projects and educational endeavors.

In Oscar's own words, "Hi everyone! I had an amazing time designing this top, and I hope some of you may like it."

The Oscar top is now available for purchase and ready to be shipped.

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