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Ray Cutler Special - Ss/Br

Ray Cutler Special - Ss/Br

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Contact Point

Mixed Metal Ray Cutler Special
• Stainless body and brass grip, aluminium stem
• Limited Edition – never to be repeated
• Feature Polish Finish
• 3/16” Ceramic or Ruby contact point
• Lifetime Guarantee, free contact point replacement*

Shipping will begin 8th October and will run through to 29th of October. We will keep you updated with our progress through email and on our Facebook group, Facebook page, and Instagram.

Inspired by an inspiration, the Ray Cutler Special takes the name of great man. My late Grandfather was an engineer and motorsport fanatic, with a passion for building, rebuilding and improving cars for racing, below is a picture of him in one of his early modifications a "Cutler Special" Cooper 500. The Ray Cutler Special top itself takes direct inspiration from a number of classic cars that made up his personal collection, each one he painstakingly restored and improved with years of hard work. 

For this top, I developed a multi-step finishing process, the result of which I’m calling a Feature Polish finish. This finish features mirror polished panels, with the outer diameter of the top left with brightly polished machine marks. The aluminum stem also receives a post assembly polish.
This will be the only finish available, if you would like a custom finish, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
Please see the video below to get a better understanding of the finish, and the process behind it.


Spin Times
Spin time will all depend on your technique, see below.
• Virgin – 2-3 mins
• Newbie – 4 mins
• Solid gripper – 6-10 mins
• Hard hitter OG – 10-16 mins

New design COA and sticker, retaining the original MK1 tin and our eco-friendly wood wool filling. Ray loved wood, but really, who doesn't? 

Designed to resemble a ticket from the 1956 Grand Prix at Silverstone, each top comes with a serialised Card of Authentication, The card features a nod towards family history and tries to convey Ray’s sense of fun, and love of speed. Remember, Motor racing is dangerous.
Each top will also come with a custom designed sticker to reflect Ray’s time in the Royal Air Force.

Limited Edition – Never to be repeated
This design will be limited by the number of tops sold during the initial pre-order. There will be numbers added to the pre-order amounts to reflect an amount of overstock and then numbers added for future editions, this will give a total which will be printed onto the COA. Overstock will be available on our website when pre-order shipping has ended.

Future Editions

  • Mixed Metal Edition – Drops 4th October 2017
  • Limited stock sale - Drops 28th October
  • Coated Edition – Launching October/November
  • Exotic Editions – Launching December 

Lifetime Guarantee
We stand by the quality of the products we make and sell at Vorso, we are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on this spinning top.
The lifetime guarantee covers contact point chips and smashes, as well as stem wobble development from excessive use, for any other issue please contact us.
*We will be happy to replace your contact point or fix your wobble for free at any time if needed. Please contact us before returning your top. You will have to cover the costs of shipping.

Weights and Dimensions
The Ray Cutler Special weighs the following
Brass: 40.7g // 1.4 Oz
Stainless: 38.1g // 1.3 Oz
Copper: 42.7g // 1.5 Oz

The Ray Cutler special is 28mm // 1.1 Inch diameter

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