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Vorso Whirling Dervish Spinning Top - Stainless Steel

Vorso Whirling Dervish Spinning Top - Stainless Steel

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The first product from Vorso that is made fully in-house, from design to finish.

Material Options: Your choice of solid brass, copper or stainless steel.

Benefits of this design? 
The Whirling Dervish is our first solid metal top, as well as our first top that was specifically designed to be a looker, to feature beauty rather than the Mk1’s functional design, however the Dervish also features a low center of gravity and an increased mass than our standard Mk1 top. Created to show off ball-nosed milling, it has a fully milled grip and a milled pattern around the curvy profile of the body, engineered to utilise them all in one machining function of our mill-turn lathe meaning that the Dervish is machined in one operation, this gives the maximum amount of precision and balance possible. 

The grip on the Dervish is specifically designed for high torque converted to RPM, this means that the dimensions of the grip are designed to impart the most amount of rotations into the body of the top, this makes spin launches easier and spin times longer. 

Watch the machining that goes into a dervish.

How long is it on sale for? 
The dervish will be available for sale indefinitely, this is not a limited edition. 

How long will it take to ship? 
Standard shipping is included and will arrive in around 8 to 12 days to the USA, 5-6 days in Europe and 12-15 days for the rest of the word. All orders are sent tracked and signed for. Express shipping is also available - arrived within four days via UPS, DPD or FedEx. Simply choose this option at checkout. 

Spin Times

Spin time will all depend on your technique, see below. 

  • Virgin – 2-3 mins
  • Newbie – 4-6 mins
  • Solid gripper – 9-11 mins
  • Hard hitter OG – 11-14 mins 

The Whirling Dervish weighs the following
Brass: 48.7g // 1.72 Oz
Stainless: 45.6g // 1.61 Oz
Copper: 52.5g // 1.85 Oz


Stands at 31mm // 1.22 Inch tall 
Sits at 28mm // 1.1 Inch diameter

Finishing options
Two finishes are available, standard machine finished, and feature polish. The featured polish is a technique we have developed to show off the milled features of the top, this gives a two tone texture with both polished and machine finished parts to the top. 

Packaging - their dervish comes with a signed authenticity card and serial number 

Contact points available
As well as our standard offering of ceramic and ruby, we have decided to offer a tungsten carbide option on this top. Frequently requested by our customers, tungsten carbide is harder than ceramic and ruby, although the surface is technically rougher there are benefits to longevity that tungsten offers over ceramic and ruby. 

Lifetime Guarantee
We stand by the quality of the products we make and sell at Vorso, we are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on this spinning top. 
The lifetime guarantee covers contact point chips and smashes, as well as stem wobble development from excessive use, for any other issues, please contact us. 
*We will be happy to replace your contact point or fix your wobble for free at any time if needed. Please contact us before returning your top. You will have to cover the costs of shipping.

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