Where is my order? When will my order be shipped?

There is an approximate turn around period of 1-3 days for each Vorso order due to the hand-assembled nature of all the components. If your order is in stock it will be shipped the same day. If not, your order will be processed and assembled by our Vorso team. Once your order has been sent you will receive a shipping notification including a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your order.

There is a shipping time of 1 - 3 working days plus: [UK] 1 - 2 working days, [EU] - 3 to 8 working days, [USA] 5 to 12 working days, [Canada, Australia and rest of the world] 8 to 20 working days. 

Please bear in mind Royal Mail provide ‘signed for service’ only or 'tracked only' for certain countries (e.g. Saudi Arabia and China) and it takes longer to deliver.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver our products anywhere in the world using the UK’s postal service, the ‘Royal Mail’. If you live outside the UK, your parcel will be handled by your local postal service once it arrives in the country. 

Is there a tracking number for my order?

A tracking number is provided by the UK’s postal service once your order has been shipped. You will receive this number with your shipping notification after your order has been processed. The same tracking number works on both Royal Mail (https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/) and your local/national tracking system.

What does ‘unfulfilled’ mean in the fulfilment status section of my order?

If your order says ‘unfulfilled’ it means Vorso has not yet shipped your item and your order is in the assembly process. Once your order has been shipped you will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number and your order status will change to ‘fulfilled’.

Where can I find product updates?

If you subscribe to our mailing list you will be the first to receive notifications about our upcoming promotions and new releases. You can also find updates on our Facebook (@VorsoTops) and Instagram (@vorso_spin_) pages. There’s even a group on Facebook you can join for updates - ‘Vorso Spinning Tops’.

What is the best method of contacting you?

We are always happy to chat with our customers! If you have any enquiries, comments or feedback you can contact us at will@vorsospin.com, via our instagram page @vorso_spin, via our Facebook page @VorsoTops, or finally via our website www.vorsospin.com where you will find a contact form to fill in.

I have not received any news of my order, is that normal?

After an original order confirmation notification, it may be a few days (or weeks if you have pre-ordered) until your shipping confirmation is delivered. This is very normal, and may vary depending on which shipping method you have specified.

Do you offer any discounts?

We aren’t running any discounts currently, but please keep an eye on the website. If you want to be the first to know about new products and promotions (including discounts) please subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you’re notified first.

Can I ‘reserve a spot’?

No, we understand why this is appealing to a lot of customers and producers. However, that is not how we like to do things. We prefer to operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis as we feel this is fairer for our business and, most importantly, fairer for our customers.

Is there a waiting list?

It’s very appealing, but we don’t create waiting lists because we don’t want our customers to wait for months at a time. Simply, we don’t want confusion about whether or not a product is available. It’s nothing personal, we do appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication, but it’s just how we prefer to do things.

Who do you ship with?

Vorso uses the UK’s postal service ‘Royal Mail’ to ship all our orders. If you live outside of the UK, your local/national postal service will take over when your order enters the country. 

Can I pay with PayPal?

We do now accept PayPal payments!

Do you do wholesale/bulk orders? Is there a discount?

If you are interested in placing a bulk order or buying for resale, please contact us at will@vorsospin.com. We will negotiate any potential wholesale discounts on an individual basis.

I am interested in working with/featuring your company - who is it best to contact?

We’re excited that you want to work with Vorso! The best place to contact us for all business enquiries is will@vorsospin.com but please be patient with us since we receive a lot of emails every day!

What is the main difference between brass, copper, and stainless MK1/V1 spinners?

The main difference is obviously the colour. There is a slight difference in weight dependent on material in both the MK1 and the V1.













spins faster, a much harder surface so longer spin time

even harder, super precise, even longer spin time.

(Also, it's pretty)


Very few visible machine marks, mirror finish


Visible grooves from the machining tool

V1 (body only)













It warms in your hands and is a beautiful colour. Will get scratched and dent easily - you will need to polish it regularly to keep the shine.

Very similar to the brass. Will develop a patina over time. Relatively delicate body material means it will require more upkeep to make the shine last.

It stays shiny forever without any cleaning. It’s harder so less likely to change shape or to dent. It may scratch other things in your pocket.


Where are the bearings from?/What are the dimensions of your bearings?

The 608 ceramic bearings we use in our V1s are custom made. The balls are manufactured in America, the stainless steel race comes from Japan, and the cage is from Germany. All the components are shipped to the UK where they are treated and assembled. The thickness of each bearing is 7mm.

How do I clean the bearing on my V1?

After unscrewing the bottom of your V1 you will need to use any alcohol cleaning solution to clean the bearing properly. Then simply reassemble and keep on spinning!

Returns and refunds.

If you decide to return any of your purchases from Vorso, you will have to pay the cost of return and the refund will be issued after we have received your returned product. The Vorso team will inspect the returned product and the amount of the refund is dependent on the state of the received product. If you decide to go ahead with a return, please drop us an email letting us know the reason. We aim to keep our customers happy so we’d appreciate knowing what went wrong.



Customers are responsible for any import or customs charges that might arise. If you would like to know more information about this please get in touch.