Collection: Ray Cutler Special

Limited Edition design, not to be repeated.
Inspired by an inspiration. 

Very last few tops left. Once they have sold they will not be made again. 

StoryRaymond Cutler Ray
Inspired by an inspiration, the Ray Cutler Special takes the name of great man. My late Grandfather was an engineer and motorsport fanatic, with a passion for building, rebuilding and improving cars for racing, below is a picture of him in one of his early modifications a "Cutler Special" Cooper 500. The Ray Cutler Special top itself takes direct inspiration from a number of classic cars that made up his personal collection, each one he painstakingly restored and improved with years of hard work. 

Card of Authentication

Designed to resemble a ticket from the 1956 Grand Prix at Silverstone, each Ray Cutler Special comes with a serialised Card of Authentication, The card features a nod towards family history and tries to convey Ray’s sense of fun, and love of speed. Remember, Motor racing is dangerous. 

 Lifetime Guarantee
We stand by the quality of the products we make and sell at Vorso, we are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on this spinning top.
For this top, I developed a multi-step finishing process, the result of which I’m calling a Feature Polish finish. See the video to get a better understanding of the finish, and the process behind it. 

Thanks for taking a look at the Ray Cutler Special, if you have any further questions please check our FAQ or send us a message