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The Beginner's Set - Stainless

The Beginner's Set - Stainless

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The beginner's set includes:-
1x Mk1 spinning top
1x 75mm lens kit

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Don't know where to start? Looking for the perfect gift? Our beginner's sets are created with you in mind.

For thousands of years spinning tops have emerged in cultures all over the globe, from ancient African whip tops to Japanese fighting koma, but at Vorso we offer something very much made in modern times. Our tops are machined from aerospace grade materials on precision cnc lathes, then hand assembled and finished all in Staffordshire, England. 

Made from four separate components the Mk1 is so good, so well made, that it will spin for 8, 10, even 15 minutes. It’s super easy to spin and designed with all ages and proficiencies in mind, featuring a diamond knurled grip to allow the user to impart as much torque as possible and a center of gravity that quickly allows the top to steady and stand perfectly upright with the softest of spins.

Available in 
Machine Finish. 
Perfectly machined components
Slight brush with mat finish

Hand Polish.
Jewelry standard
Stunning mirror finish

The difference between ceramic and ruby is simple. (handy poem)

Rubies are red, ceramics are black, rubies are harder, but ceramic won't crack.

Ceramic, silicon nitride is perfect for the contact point of a spinning top, it has low friction and is extremely round leading to excellent spin times, its super durable and will last a lifetime

Rubies are EXTREMELY hard and EXTREMELY round, they are used in precision probes and the very best watches, they lead to a longer spin times, and will last forever. Many of our customers swear by them and won’t have anything else.
Our EXTREMELY high grade ruby is lab grown.

Now, don't get me wrong, our tops will pretty much spin on anything, a hard desktop or marble kitchen surface is fun for a while, but soon enough if you want to get the best out of your new treasure you are going to need something dedicated and built for the job. Our beginners sets come with our newest innovation, a good for anywhere spin station, the lens kit.

Lens kit includes
- 75mm glass lens (CNC ground to a perfect polished surface)
- suspension band (to absorb shocks)
- Precision cut foam (to damped drops)
- Aluminium housing (the tin ;)

 For a video of the beginners set, click below


Please note; there maybe imperfections on the edges of the glass lens, however they are individually hand checked to make sure they will function perfectly.  

Vorso Guarantee
We stand by our products and live by our quality, and as such we offer a lifetime guarantee to repair or replace any of our products in the future, indefinitely. I’m proud to say that out of the thousands of Mk1s that have been made only a handful have ever needed repairs or replacement. Contact points are also included in our guarantee, which can easily be replaced at any time if required. Complimentary surface restoration and deep clean is also included at your request. 

How much is shipping and do you ship to my country?
Free shipping is available on all orders. We ship to all countries in the world, and we have both free regular shipping and express shipping via UPS or FedEx at reasonable prices.

How long will it take to arrive?
Orders are normally shipped within one working day, however, your location in the world will change the delivery time.

  • USA - up to 12 days
  • EU - up to 6 days
  • UK - up to 2 days
  • Asia Pacific - up to 12 days
  • Rest of the world - up to 14 days

Are taxes included?
Yes, Value-added taxes are included in the price you see above. Please contact us if you require specific tax information.

The Mk1 Spinning top was first launched on Kickstarter way back in 2015, you can see the making of the first prototype below. 



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