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PREORDER - Electron Spin Station

PREORDER - Electron Spin Station

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Preorder today to recive a 15% discount on the full price. Estimated shipping date 8th November 2023, any order placed with multiple items will have those shipped first, with the electron to follow later this year. VAT/Taxes are included in the price for any orders within the USA, EU and UK.    
The Electron spin station is purposely designed to deliver a magnificent experience.
No top collection is complete, budding or massive without a spin station, a way to beautifully display the perfect balance and precision of your chosen spinning top. 

Utilizing a replaceable seventy-five-millimeter borosilicate lens, precision ground to provide a durable surface that increases spin times. The concave nature of the glass helps to focus the momentum of the spinning top to the center, to quickly achieve the “motionless” phenomena of a perfect spinning top.

The glass lens floats within three shock absorbing bands allowing vibrations to be absorbed rather than transferred back into the top itself. This allows the top to launch and spin with minimal effort, dampening sounds for a serene spinning experience.

Available in two material options. Aluminum provides an exceptional surface finish, machined from aerospace-grade metal. Brass gives a luxurious feel,  as well as the additional weight of offering a more stable surface. 
 Is there a more stylish way to bring together your desk or to while away a few minutes deep in thought?

Adhered into dedicated slots are the feet of the station. Using rubber feet dampens the vibration upon launch of the top allowing increased spin times as well as providing your Electron with increased traction on any surface.

The angle of the metal between the edge of the Electron and the glass spin surface is designed in such a way to stop precious spinning tops from flying off the station after an unfortunate launch, rather than escaping the spinning top should gently be guided back into the center of the lens.

Inspired by astrophysics and nuclear science, the Electron is the perfect partner to our Orbit spin station, precision machined from brass and hand finished with a bright brush in our workshop in Staffordshire, England.

Stylish and professional
Perfect central motionless spin
Perfect surface for long spin times
Replaceable glass lens
Prevents damage to tops
Rubber feet
Additional weight with brass
Expertly machined and hand finished in house
Free worldwide shipping
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