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Seeking Finishing and assembly technician.

Top quality person needed for some brilliant work.
Kings Bromley, Staffordshire. DE13 7HW

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Well stocked snack cupboard and fridge
Fancy coffee machine & fruity teas

Job Description 
You will be finishing, assembling and packaging precision machined spinning tops, gyroscopes, and other interesting products. Working with regular metals such as brass and copper, as well as exotics like damascus steel, tungsten and precious metals. Vorso exists to create products that delight. Our Mk1 spinning top is a perfect example of this ethos, the Mk1 delights people of all ages, its simple design and solid construction means that it will last and continue to function for hundreds of years. 

You will be responsible for overseeing the finishing and assembly of our products. You need to have an eye for detail and an understanding of what a quality product should look like. We have high standards for our machining and finishing, you will be working to ensure that these high standards are met. We make products that last, and that begins with excellent production methods and quality control. 

You should:

  • Have a Desire to learn, improve and create new solutions.

  • A willingness to spend around 4-6 hours on a working day, standing and making products. It's not back-breaking work, but it can be repetitive. Personally I find podcasts and music can make it quite fun.

  • Be excited to work independently, and within a team, to be self-motivated to make your own tools, find solutions and take control of your working area, to learn about manufacturing cells, metal finishing and assembly.

  • A willingness to push yourself to improve, learn and innovate finishing and assembly processes, and to help in developing new products and ideas.

  • Work with colleagues to manage production schedules and maintain stock levels throughout the production cycle. 


This is a unique opportunity to work in an established workshop and help build it into the dream production facility. We are a growing company that is hungry for your ideas and expertise, we are looking for someone who will tell us when something needs improvement. We want to continue to build the best manufacturing base that we can, you must be confident to discuss problems and address issues as they arise, Nothing is perfect, and there is always lots to improve. 


Email a CV and availability to

Company description:
We aim to provide collectable novelty and utility products that will delight our customers for years to come, over the five years since we started the company we have built a solid group of customers and created a good foundation in manufacturing.

Every product we develop provides a new opportunity to learn techniques and processes that will continue to improve the company and the products that we can offer in the future.

We aim to continue to operate within the UK offering opportunities and employment to the people of the Midlands. Vorso is a lean manufacturing company, allowing us to move quickly and respond to customers demands and market changes.